Maixun Intelligent Technology
- a subsidiary of FreeWave Media.

Shanghai Maixun Intelligent Technology Ltd, a subsidiary of FreeWave Media Pte Ltd (Singapore). was founded in 2016 to bring a new approach to Automotive LIMS solutions. While assessing the LIMS market, we concluded that it is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. With their rigid process flows and terminology, traditional LIMS offerings are not a good fit for automotive labs that exist in highly-specialized vertical markets.

Rather than developing highly prescriptive solutions for single vertical markets or creating a jack-of-all-trades solution to suit many verticals, we worked to design a solution that would allow AUTOLIMS users to easily configure their own systems. Post implementation, users can modify and adapt AUTOLIMS as their needs evolve over time. Also, as requirements develop for new functionality beyond what is available in AUTOLIMS, customers can leverage our development team for custom programming enhancements.

Maixun combines laboratory industry experience and best-of-breed technology to deliver robust AUTOLIMS solutions. Our solutions are flexible and easily adapt to the unique needs of each Automotive laboratory we serve while being cost-effective, well implemented and well supported. This helps us achieve our goal of delivering long-term value to each of our customers.

Mission Statement

To be the best AUTOLIMS provider in the world in a manner which provides long-term viability and is product-focused, so that we create the most value for our customers.


What makes AutoLIMS unique is our team of professionals dedicated to evaluating needs and delivering solutions to laboratories across the country. Our small, flexible group moves at a fast pace in order to keep up with the demands—and exceed the expectations—of our dynamic customer base.



Our Approach

We focuses not only on the software, but also on the business process that enables our software to be easily molded into your solution and meeting ISO17025 and CANS guidelines.

Based on the B/S framework
Built on state of the art technology

Built-in “best practice” functionality essential to every Automotive lab

Quickly conforms to your terminology so you don’t have to conform to ours

Easily configurable to your environment - enable only those features and modules relevant to your laboratory

“Point and click” to modify data entry screens to collect information that is critical to your business

Code-level customizations can be made to meet your lab's unique requirements without breaking your upgrade path